The healing wellness experience mat
Care for Wellbeing offers the "healing wellness experience mat" which is equipped with gemstones and light that together provide a pleasant warmth that penetrates 4 to 6 centimeters deep into the muscles and tissue. The "healing wellness experience mat" has several programs that work together harmoniously and ultimately lead to a total feeling of well-being. The "healing wellness experience mat" offers five advanced natural therapies that can be combined into one complete wellness experience!  

Hot Stone

Hot Stone Therapy heated stones on the body help to relax stuck muscles and increase
relax and increase local blood circulation. This form of
therapy is often used in spa's and beauty salons. The hot stone therapy in
the "healing wellness experience mat" is a much more complex process. The positive effects
of hot stone therapy are enhanced by gemstones. The "healing wellness experience
mat" features a combination of various gemstones, tourmaline, jade and amethyst.
These are natural conductors of far-infrared rays and negative ions once they are
activated by the heating technology. This increases the effect of hot stone
therapy on your body.


FAR Infrared

Far Infrared (FIR) Far infrared rays are invisible to the naked eye but have a nourishing role and a great impact on our health. The main source is the sun. The "healing wellness experience mat" lets you experience these rays of light in the form of heat whereby the natural gemstones in the mat are activated. The rays penetrate deep into the tissues of the body which reduces any pain, inflammation and stiffness and increases oxygen levels. FIR therapy promotes relaxation creating a great sense of wellness. The "healing wellness experience mat" can be supplied with a foil blanket to generate additional heat.


Negative Ions

Negative ion therapy Negatively charged ions are considered the vitamins of the air. They make the air healthy and are vital to everything that lives by making it easier for the body to absorb oxygen. Negatively charged ions are extremely important for good health and help with removing harmful metals from your body. Like fresh air, a dose of negative ions can provide a refreshing jolt to your body. Negative ions used in conjunction with FIR stimulate the body from the inside out, enhancing the quality of other forms of treatment and restoring the body.   


Photon Therapy

Photon therapy uses light particles that can help correct bio-magnetic imbalances in the body. Light also helps reduce blockages in the body's systems. It has been shown to remove stored toxins, promoting overall wellness. Photon therapy has been used for years as a complementary non-medical pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. The "healing wellness experience mat" is equipped with 12 LED lights that emit red photon light onto the body. For the best effect, direct contact with the skin is recommended.



PEMF Therapy PEMF, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field, is very effective for various complaints. Pulsed electromagnetic fields are used to adjust the cellular behavior in the body. Care for Wellbeing bases the PEMF technology on the variables that have been proven to be effective at 7.83Hz, 3000 milligauss and the use of a pulsed sinusoidal wave. This combination provides maximum effectiveness and reduces existing complications. 



The power of gemstones:  Gemstones are magical living beings; they take millions of years to form. By integrating natural gemstones into the "healing wellness experience mat" you experience all the benefits of the far-infrared therapy and negative ion therapy, among others. The gemstones function as enhancers of these properties, matching them with their specific properties. All gemstones in our mat offer wellness benefits, therefore we use a special combination of gemstones that will give the most positive results. The more stones in the mat, the more benefits you will experience .

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