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December 2018 , darkest days of the year, a common topic: How do you stay healthy? We, Stefan and Marissa, often discussed our health complaints around this time. Why isn't there actually a solution for various health complaints? A product that allows you to improve your overall well-being, without having to visit a doctor every week. After much research, brainstorming and cups of tea at the table, we finally came up with this product. The healing wellness experience mat. All the elements in the healing wellness experience mat need to be in balance and well-matched. Fortunately, we have a supplier who can make everything by hand, providing a unique experience. When we had the opportunity to experience the first healing wellness experience mat, we were very excited. We also had many people in our area with complaints test it. The result was extremely surprising because not only we, but also our environment was very enthusiastic about our product. Our mission is to keep as many people as possible healthy and to help them get rid of their chronic complaints. With the healing wellness experience mat you have a unique wellness experience at home!

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